To Go Full Berserk

ReshiBlowns 2.0 and PikaRom in My Pocket (for That Tournament This Weekend)
Hello everyone, I’m finally back after a month off from writing. Although I haven’t put out an article since before NAIC, if you’ve been following me on Twitter you’ll have seen lists I’ve shared for some of my top choices heading into Worlds this week. This format has me super excited because it’s the first […]

August Heat

Idea Dump Updates, the Not BDIFs, and ReshiZard’s Matchups In-Depth for Worlds
How’s it going guys, Jon here with another piece for you all. Since my last article, I have been buckling down on testing and familiarizing myself with the new format, and today I am here to give you an image of what is going on in my head in regard to what to play for […]

Inside and Out

Five Final Tips, GG Malamar’s Matchups, and An Attempt at Stabilizing Dark Box
Hello again SixPrizes readers, and welcome to the final countdown! We’re five days away from the biggest tournament of the year—Worlds—and I’m going to make sure you have all the tools in your belt (and bag) to safely embark on this journey that lies ahead of you. The biggest thing to remember is to have […]

Soaring the Skies

GG Malamar w/ Dragon Talon and Blacephalon-GX/Naganadel for Worlds/DC Open
Hey there 6P readers! I’m excited to be back again writing for this fantastic site as this will be my second article on here. Worlds is inching closer and closer as the weeks have gone by. I’ve been doing a lot of coaching, testing, and just getting ready for Worlds all at once. I even […]

Into the Lab

Pinch-Hitter PikaRom and Aerodactyl/Welder for Worlds/DC Open (+ What Is Still My Top Pick)
Hello again readers, I’m back for the second-to-last time before we go to DC to compete in Worlds or the Open. While I am still a firm believer that Green’s ReshiZard is potentially the best choice for Day 1 and maybe Day 2 depending on Day 1’s results, I can’t justify writing about the same […]

Let the Teching Begin

On the Best Finish Limits for 2019–2020 and My Current Top 3 Decks for Worlds
Hello there 6P! We’re in the final countdown for Worlds, as we are now under two weeks out from the event! I’m getting excited about it after a roller coaster of a season, which began with me forgetting to write down my Supporters at LAIC to accumulating over 1,000 CP in the span of four […]

Purple Reign

A Complete Guide to Gardevoir, the Best Deck of the 2010 DP-on Format
I want to start off with an introduction as it has been several years since my last article. My name is Jay Hornung and I played this game competitively from 2004–2013 before I retired from professional Pokémon and started my career in the real world. My accomplishments in the game include earning 10 consecutive Worlds […]

Ear Kitty Kitty

Psychic Malamar, On Using Spell Tag, and the Pitfalls of Naganadel-GX Control
Hey everyone! Worlds is only two weeks away, which is honestly pretty terrifying. When I looked at my calendar, I quickly realized that there’s very little time left to prepare for the largest tournament of the year. Rivaled by that emotion was my excitement! Though stressful, Worlds is my favorite tournament of the year. It […]

1 Month Later…

My Favorite Decklists for Worlds, Including ReshiZard, PikaRom (w/ + w/o Jirachi), Dark Box, Blacephalon, Malamar, and Lost March
Howdy SixPrizes readers! As I said in my previous article about a month ago, my goal for July was to test as many decks as possible and bring the ones I liked the most to you, as well as improve the lists presented last month. So, let’s get straight to the point because today’s article […]

The DC Double

Two Worlds Powerhouses, PikaRom + ReshiZard, and How to Answer the Problem of Walls
Hey everyone, I’m glad to be writing for SixPrizes as this will be my first article on here. First, I’d like to thank Adam for giving me the opportunity to write for this wonderful site. For those that don’t know me, I play out of the Orlando, Florida area. I have been playing competitively since […]

Lucky Charms

ReshiZard (My Top Meta Pick) and Gardevoir & Sylveon-GX (An Off-the-Wall Pick) for Worlds/DC Open
Hello again readers, I’m back with you for the last time this month, and I have a couple of different decks from last time. I’m going to bring you a rather off-the-wall deck as well as what is my current top “meta” pick. I have been testing and coaching extensively over the past few weeks, […]

Fire and Extraterrestrial Spice

Testing Lessons, Green’s ReshiZard, and Beheeyem for the World Championships/DC Open
I’m back SixPrizes readers and I’ve played enough games to have a strong opinion about the format heading into the World Championships and DC Open. With a little under three weeks left until the big event, players are diligently testing and figuring out what decks are working for them and what aren’t in their own […]

Starting Points and Launching Pads

The Latest on ReshiZard + PikaRom and Jon’s Idea Dump for Worlds
Hey guys, Jon here again with another article. With the release of Unified Minds and TPCi announcing that Worlds will be held with the post-rotation, UPR-on format, there’s a lot of information to take in and analyze in a short amount of time. There are so many new decks and cards that need to be […]

Fire M&M’s

Mewtwo & Mew-GX with Welder and Attackers for Worlds/DC Open and What’s Good in UPR-on
Hello 6P! Welcome back to another article of mine in which I must say, I have a lot to talk about. First off, the 2019–2020 Regionals schedule for North America is finally out and seeing all the cool new locations got me excited about the upcoming season! I’m definitely going to be attending the first […]

Flying (and Swimming) Under the Radar

Dragonite/Salazzle and Dark Box (Sharpedo) for UPR-on/Worlds/DC Open
Hello again readers, I’m back with my second article for the month and today, I am going to be bringing you two decks that I have been testing and have found to be good. One of them is already generally accepted as good, and the other has seen surprisingly little talk when it seems so […]