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Though it has a gentle disposition, it’s also very strong. It will quickly freeze the snowball on its head before going for a headbutt. (Galarian Darmanitan)

Dragon Rushes and Darkness Graces

An In-Depth Look at the 2010 DP–UL Format, Part 2

From Pear Tree to Golden Klefki

The 12 Decks of Christmas (and of Imminent Marathon Lore)
Its shell is overflowing with its heightened otherworldly energy. The ectoplasm serves as protection for this PokΓ©mon’s core spirit. (Cursola)

Standard Time

Archetypes and Homebrews, Split Decisions and the Magic Way
A clever combatant, this PokΓ©mon battles using water balloons created with moisture secreted from its palms. (Drizzile)