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If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

Taking a Peek at Plasma in the NXD-XY Format

I Object, Your Honor…

Different Decks and Surprising Techs
Its mighty legs are capable of running at speeds exceeding 40 mph, but this Pokรฉmon can’t breathe unless it’s underwater. (Dracovish)

Out of the Dark and Into the Cave

Top 4 Missouri States Report and My True Love, Crobat
Jumping nimbly about, this small-bodied Pokรฉmon takes advantage of even the slightest opportunity to disorient larger opponents. (Rookidee)

When the Tail Spins the Tyranitar

Winning by Losing with BombTar (i.e., Dark Tyranitar/Electrode ex or Pow Block) in the 2006 HLโ€“HP Format

Town Map

The Two Types of Players (and Other Observations), Decks for All Formats, and Predictions for Cities
It flies on wings of apple skin and spits a powerful acid. It can also change its shape into that of an apple. (Flapple)