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Enter the Dragon

The Last Expanded Winner (Rayquaza-GX) Recharged for Richmond
Hey there 6P readers! For those that don’t know, I was able to win Hartford Regionals back in May with Rayquaza-GX. For this next article I’ll be discussing the changes I’d likely make to it going into Richmond Regionals. I still believe Rayquaza-GX is a strong contender in the Expanded format and that is why […]

Tales from the Crypt

Spiritomb/Ultra Beasts (History, Lists, Cards, and Matchups) for Richmond
Hello again readers, I’m back with you today after a somewhat successful run in Knoxville. I made Day 2, but had a mediocre Day 2 and ended up finishing in Top 64. I played a Malamar list that was somewhat similar to the one I posted last time, so if you want to read about […]