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Fringe Fun

Examining Under-the-Radar Cards in Roaring Skies with Sam Chen and Tyler Ninomura

Prepping for Flight

Musings on the Imminent Release of Roaring Skies

Walking on Eggshells

The Rise of Exeggutor and Other Overlooked Cards

Toad in the Hole

Considerations for Conquering Seismitoad-EX

Charting a Course

The Mental Map to VA Regionals
This Pokémon rapidly extends its retractable neck to sink its sharp fangs into distant enemies and take them down. (Drednaw)

Turning Tides

A Longer Look at Primal Clash

Professor Kenny’s Observations

A Quick Look at Primal Clash

Turn the Page

A Quick Guide to the 2014-2015 Season Rotation

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

Landorus-EX vs. Seismitoad-EX and Incorporating Furious Fists into Established Decks


Three Ways to Play Miltank FLF
It uses its long tongue to taunt opponents. Once the opposition is enraged, this Pokémon hurls itself at the opponent, tackling them forcefully. (Galarian Linoone)

Title Fight

Rising Fist (Furious Fists) Preview and 2014–2015 Format Predictions

On the Move

Regionals Reflections and XY Predictions

Kettler’s Laboratory

Understanding the Biology of X and Y

Tech You Very Much

Three Less Obvious Inclusions for Winter Regionals 2014
Its majestic horns are meant only to impress the opposite gender. They never see use in battle. (Dubwool)