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Running the Tiers

Lists, Pros, and Cons for 10 Top Decks this Weekend (São Paulo, AC, and Cologne)
Howdy, SixPrizes readers! I’m back to bring you an overview of the current UPR–HIF metagame because I think the format has stabilized and we can identify what the best decks are. After Worlds, we saw that Welder-based decks, such as Mew Box, Blacephalon-GX, and Ability ReshiZard, were powerful and they have continued to do well […]


On Countering Ability ReshiZard, Another Reset Stamp PikaRom, and GardEon v. ReshiZard
Hello 6P! I’m back for another article with our brand new site layout just deployed! I know Adam worked really hard on it and it’s fitting to start a brand new season with a brand new layout! We have three major events right around the corner, all on the same weekend: Atlantic City, Cologne, and […]

Fairy Fairly Good

Sheffield’s Results, On Robin’s T8 Ability ReshiZard, GardEon Guesses, and My Mew Box List for Atlantic City/Köln
Hello 6P! Welcome back to another article! Sheffield Regionals just took place this past weekend and we had some very cool, albeit not surprising, results. If you recall from my last article, I put out a tier list which I firmly believe is correct. Now, let’s take a look at the Top 8 players and […]

Lucky Charms

ReshiZard (My Top Meta Pick) and Gardevoir & Sylveon-GX (An Off-the-Wall Pick) for Worlds/DC Open
Hello again readers, I’m back with you for the last time this month, and I have a couple of different decks from last time. I’m going to bring you a rather off-the-wall deck as well as what is my current top “meta” pick. I have been testing and coaching extensively over the past few weeks, […]