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We Have Lift-Off

Interview with 2014 Houston Regionals Champion Sam Chen

It Ain’t Easy Being Green

A Triple Tournament Report and Interviews with the Women of Fall Regionals

Brotherly Love

Interview with 2014 Philadelphia Regional Champion Ryan Sabelhaus

A Talk with the Top

Interview with 2014 Pokรฉmon TCG World Champion Andrew Estrada

The Lion’s Share

Pyroar’s Popularity, Interview with Brandon Salazar, the Clock, and Last-Chance Regionals
Its talent is tap-dancing. It can also manipulate temperatures to create a floor of ice, which this Pokรฉmon can kick up to use as a barrier. (Galarian Mr. Mime)

Light My Fire

Florida Ninetales Interview w/ Mike Canaves + Thoughts on Plasma, Escape Rope
The one with the best drumming techniques becomes the boss of the troop. It has a gentle disposition and values harmony among its group. (Rillaboom)
Leaving leftover black tea unattended is asking for this Pokรฉmon to come along and pour itself into it, turning the tea into a new ___________. (Polteageist)