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Hi-Yo, Keldeo

Zigging Through the GX-Dominated Metagame with QuagNag/Keldeo-GX and Malamar/Spell Tags
Hello everyone! I’m back with news on the world of competitive Pokémon TCG. Here in São Paulo, Brazil, many League Cups and Challenges are happening, and they have been attended by many players, with an average of 40 players in League Cups and 25 players in League Challenges. The metagame around here hasn’t changed much […]

Raiding Area 51

Poipole Lock and Keldeo-GX/Vaporeon-GX Stall from Worlds, Updated
Hello everyone, today I’m back with an article on my 2019 World Championships deck, Keldeo-GX/Vaporeon-GX, and some more Stall shenanigans. The week leading up to the World Championships was wild. A couple of new ideas came to the forefront and totally flipped my deck choices for Worlds.