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Check Check, Is This Thing On

Shifts in Standard, Malamar: the Squid-surgence, Sequencing, and a Checkmate Update
Hey everyone! It’s been a hot minute since my last article, and since my last tournament, really. For those unaware, I recently started college at the University of Illinois this year. I’m excited to be taking this next step in my academic career and life. However, college has greatly reduced my ability to play Pokémon. […]

Advanced Strategies for Taking 6 Prizes

A Complete Guide to Naganadel-GX Checkmate w/ the DC Open Winning List
Hey everyone! I hope your Worlds experience was great. Whether playing in the Main Event or the Open, the tournament is always enjoyable. We saw some well-known decks perform well and some new creations as well! Ability ReshiZard and non-Rainbow Mewtwo & Mew-GX are two decks that did exceptionally well, winning the Seniors and Masters […]

Ear Kitty Kitty

Psychic Malamar, On Using Spell Tag, and the Pitfalls of Naganadel-GX Control
Hey everyone! Worlds is only two weeks away, which is honestly pretty terrifying. When I looked at my calendar, I quickly realized that there’s very little time left to prepare for the largest tournament of the year. Rivaled by that emotion was my excitement! Though stressful, Worlds is my favorite tournament of the year. It […]

The Endgame Manual

Checkmating in UPR-on with Naganadel-GX Control, Worlds/DC Open Meta Overview, and a Peek at Meganium/Nidoqueen
Hey everyone! It’s a pleasure to be writing another article. Since I’m writing less often, it’s quite refreshing to write after a while. My summer has been filled with lots of traveling (both Pokémon and family related). Now, I’m ready to begin testing the Worlds format. Personally, I’m a fan of the pre-Worlds rotation after […]