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SixPrizes 7

Sure, Why Not, It’s a Friday
At some point, you’ve got to ship. And after nearly three months of plinking and plonking at my keyboard—almost twice as long as it took me last time—I’m deploying the new SixPrizes. Ready or not, here it is.1 Some Background: It’s been a curious past two-plus years here at 6P. Attentive readers will remember that […]

A Weekend on the World Stage

A SixPrizes Site Update and Christopher’s 2018 World Championship Recap
Another World Championship has come to a close, and with it, any number of storylines we’ve been chasing as a community for the last year have closed with it. We have another set of champions, another format that will probably one day be old-deck lore, and another season to look to—this time, headed back to […]

The Chase Begins

A SixPrizes Site Update on NAIC Article Marathon, Coupon Promotion, and More
June—for the last many years, host to the run-up to Pokémon’s biggest event of the year: the North American International Championships (or, formerly, US Nationals). Generally, it’s been a period of relative calm in terms of big events outside of the year’s biggest itself. This year will be a bit different in both ways, with […]

The Law of the Land

Summarizing and Analyzing the November 2017 Updates to the Pokémon TCG Rules Documents
Seemingly, there’s never a dull moment in Pokémon. Even as we set out on a two weekend stretch in which there are almost no events yielding CP across the world (League Challenges, worth it for a few, aside), Pokémon’s managed to give us some interesting stuff to consider. Today, we saw an update to the […]

All Fun and Games

2017 6P North American International Championships Fantasy Competition
It’s become something of a tradition in the Pokémon community to do fantasy drafts heading into the event formerly known as US Nationals. For the past few years, we at 6P have partaken in the craze. Obviously, we’re too big to do a traditional “snake” draft in an efficient manner (though, a few writers might […]

The Precipice of Chaos

SixPrizes UG Update, North American International Championships Edition
The 2016/2017 Pokémon TCG season is coming to a close. Yes, that’s for real. We’ve seen over 30 Regional Championships, a 10+ Special Events, and 3 International Championships, and the biggest is yet to come. On this upcoming, penultimate weekend of the season, we have a Regional or two around the world, but the North […]

Worlds Dice Challenges ’13

It was great making everyone do Pokémon impressions at US Nationals for 6P dice, but I still have a ton of dice left over along with a fresh stash of new ones to give away, so I’m trying to come up fun alternative challenges to get them. If you have any ideas, please comment! I’ll […]

US Nationals and Worlds 6P Dice Giveaways

A couple months back I placed an order for some dice… Just ordered a bunch of dice. Will be giving the white/blue ones out at US Nationals and the black/sparkle at Worlds. pic.twitter.com/PVLeAxoDWH — SixPrizes (@SixPrizes) April 24, 2013 And since US Nationals is fast approaching, I thought now would be a good time to […]

6P S/P/T Dice Promotion

You may have heard me mention getting 6P dice manufactured and sold on the site at some point, and in January I actually did get a batch produced for a promotion I wanted to run during Regionals, but the timing didn’t work out and I’ve been sitting on the dice ever since. However, with States/Provincials/Territories […]

New Revenue Share Program

I was hoping to be able to make an announcement about 6P dice being available around this time, but I’m having some issues communicating with the manufacturer and will need to give them another call on Monday. Hopefully this news is better anyway… As you may have noticed, I removed all the Google ads from […]

SixPrizes 3.0

Possibly doing a site redesign in the near future. Probably will get rid of all the ads and look something like this: http://t.co/4dnMNJ1V — SixPrizes (@SixPrizes) October 11, 2012 I don’t normally like to give news updates like this, as I like to keep the site as content dense as possible, but welcome to SixPrizes […]

What’s That Coming over the Hill? Is It a Podcast? (Yes.)

Hello. Hopefully some of you on this fine website have read some of my articles before. Hopefully you even enjoyed them. The short version of this article is: I have started a podcast, I think it’s awesome and I’d like you to give it a go. Links at the bottom. If nothing else, PLEASE go […]

The 1st Annual Unofficial Pokémon Nationals Afterparty!

What’s up everyone? My name is Evan Baker, and I’m a Pokémon player from Michigan and a co-founder of the Detroit-area Pokémon community known as Team Warp Point. I’m also a member of a rock band called Good Luck Varsity, which is the reason I’m writing this article. There are 4 of us in the […]

Back to Normal? And WOTM April 2012 Results

Hey everyone. I want to thank you for supporting the site and all its login bugs the past couple weeks. It was really difficult for me to come to terms with the security breach, but after things settled down a little bit, I realized my goal needed to be to come out from the situation […]

WOTM Results for March 2012

What up 6P? We had a lot of killer articles last month, and competition was stiff, but there was one person in particular that ran away with the writer of the month title… 1st – Mark Hanson @ +67 2nd – Innocent_Shine @ +37 3rd – Anders @ +26 4th – Rahul Reddy @ +25 […]