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Seasons Stats and Metrics

A Partway Look at the 2018 North American Circuit by the Numbers
Hello everyone! It’s been a bit since I was around with some writing outside of the Underground schedule, but I’m back today with some hopefully interesting stats on the season so far. In the season-roulette game Michigan is currently playing, today landed on “Have an ice storm!”, so I figured I’d get a start on […]

Banned to the Bone

Discussing the Expanded Format Banned List and Possible Revisions
Hello friends! Kenny Wisdom here again, with another Underground article. This time, we’re going to be talking about Expanded, but in a much different context than you’re probably used to. With everyone’s mind being focused on the upcoming Dallas Regional Championship, I figured now would be a good time to spend some time writing about […]

SixPrizes 6.0

A Redesign Six Weeks in the Making, Hello, and How Are You
Well then. (Alrighty then? Alrighty then!) It’s been a minute, 6P. Nice to make your acquaintance. My name is Adam and I created this website some eight-odd years ago while I was a senior in college. I am no longer a senior in college and now trail closely the three-decade mark on this planet. Where […]

A New Frontier

The Future of SixPrizes
Hey everyone! We have an exciting development to present today: a new chapter in SixPrizes’ history. Adam has decided to step down as head of SixPrizes after running the site for nearly 8 years. Alex Hill and Christopher Schemanske will be transitioning into his place. We have some exciting ideas for the future, and we […]

Mens Rea

An Inside Report on Cheating in the PokΓ©mon TCG
Mama once told me that winners never cheat and cheaters never win, but it bothers me how much glowing praise I hear for players who I know are dishonest. People who are well liked, well spoken, and well read tend to be the most charismatic players of PokΓ©mon, and livers of life for that matter. […]

Shipping & Handling

Tips on Card Storage and a New Season Mailbag
Hey guys! Today we’re going to talk about two separate topics. First, we’re going to dive into what I feel is the best and most efficient way of organizing a collection of cards. Next, I’m going to answer a few questions posed by friends and readers on social media and email. We’ve got a lot […]

The Whirlwind Tour

75 Flip-Filled First Turns with Shiftry NXD
What is fair in PokΓ©mon? Some say Seismitoad-EX is an unfair card. People generally dislike being told β€œno” when they go to play their cards, and so decks that impose immediate denial are among the most hated. The thought is that PCL prints cards to be played, so there should not be cards that prevent […]

With the First Pick …

Tips for Your 2015 US Nationals Fantasy Draft
Hello again! It’s getting close to the biggest event of the year and I’m glad to be here to write about what has recently become a staple tradition in the days leading up to US Nationals: fantasy drafting! Fantasy sports have been a phenomenon in popular culture since the early 2000s, but generally the concept […]

No Kidding

οΏΌThoughts and Theories on the Junior Meta
Lots of people ask me about the Junior meta, both in its current state and in general how it works. Obviously, few Masters follow the Junior meta yet there are many Junior players and from an administrative perspective Junior players are a big part of most tournaments. Also, many Masters look on with envy at […]

A Fresh Start

New Year’s Resolutions, PokΓ©mon TCG Edition
Hey nerds! I hope everyone had an excellent holiday or at least a relaxing few days off of work/school. Every year this is the time when most people start thinking about the year ahead: making plans, setting goals, and creating New Year’s resolutions. Sure, you could go with the standard ones. “I won’t drink any […]

Turn the Page

A Quick Guide to the 2014-2015 Season Rotation
Good morning or, depending on when you’re reading this, good afternoon, good evening, or good night. Now despite doing an ENTIRE PODCAST about the rotation, people keep asking for a list of what was rotated. So, consider this an answer. Below I shall go set by set and look at what was reprinted, the fringe […]

Can You Do a Stinky?

The Top 5 Items You Need but Might Forget to Bring to Worlds
With World Championships festivities kicking off in one week, I thought now would be a good time to help disseminate last-minute tips to help those competing in the LCQ and main event. But rather than remind players to get a good night’s sleep and eat breakfast, as many writers have done before, I thought I’d […]

Statistical Deduction

Quantifying the Most Skilled Format of All Time
Players of the mid to late aughts typically contend that the formats they competed in were among the most skill based and enjoyable in the history of the PokΓ©mon TCG, as evidenced by the intricate and diverse strategies of the time, made possible by the modalities of consistency at one’s disposal (namely Pidgeot RG, Holon […]

It’s Evaluation Time!

What We Learned from US Nationals and Applying It to the LCQ (and Worlds)
The biggest tournaments of the year (Nationals) are over, and just one more event remains. Attention turns to either the World Championships in Washington, D.C. this August or the new formats ahead. For those of you who are preparing for next season, I would recommend reading Dustin Zimmerman’s latest article on “theorymoning”; he makes great […]

A Champion Shall Be Crowned

The SabelCenter Top 8, a Look at Nationals Fantasy Drafts, and Last-Minute Deck Choices
The National Championships for the United States are coming up this weekend and it is very clear that every PokΓ©mon player can agree on one thing: no one is confident in their deck choice to take home the gold. It seems every person that I’ve talked to has shown a clear disdain for their deck […]