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Caught the Spark

PikaRom Tuned and Matched Up for Knoxville
Whatโ€™s up guys, Jon here again for another article. I took a tiny break from writing to get situated with school (Iโ€™m a senior in high school, so this is a pretty busy year for me), but Iโ€™m back now to help you guys through this season to the best of my ability! Since my […]

Running the Tiers

Lists, Pros, and Cons for 10 Top Decks this Weekend (Sรฃo Paulo, AC, and Cologne)
Howdy, SixPrizes readers! I’m back to bring you an overview of the current UPRโ€“HIF metagame because I think the format has stabilized and we can identify what the best decks are. After Worlds, we saw that Welder-based decks, such as Mew Box, Blacephalon-GX, and Ability ReshiZard, were powerful and they have continued to do well […]


On Countering Ability ReshiZard, Another Reset Stamp PikaRom, and GardEon v. ReshiZard
Hello 6P! Iโ€™m back for another article with our brand new site layout just deployed! I know Adam worked really hard on it and itโ€™s fitting to start a brand new season with a brand new layout! We have three major events right around the corner, all on the same weekend: Atlantic City, Cologne, and […]

It’s Good to Know Karate

Green’s Dojo ReshiZard and Reset Stamp PikaRom for Atlantic City/Cologne/Sรฃo Paulo
Good morning SixPrizes readers and welcome back to another article! It’s great to be back, as always, after a necessary break after the World Championships. For those who don’t know, I managed to finish 30th, snagging another Top 32 result to add to my list of accolades, with a rather unique deck, Green’s ReshiZard with […]

And We’re Off

Mew Box and the New ‘Zard, Malamar for Cups, Tiers, and Worlds Recap w/ PikaRom
Hello 6P! Welcome back to another article by yours truly! Worlds has come and gone in what seemed like a flash to me, and as usual, it was a great time! I decided to play PikaRom in the end, as Malamar felt unreliable and Fire M&Mโ€™s didnโ€™t seem quite stable enough, even though when it […]

To Go Full Berserk

ReshiBlowns 2.0 and PikaRom in My Pocket (for That Tournament This Weekend)
Hello everyone, Iโ€™m finally back after a month off from writing. Although I havenโ€™t put out an article since before NAIC, if youโ€™ve been following me on Twitter youโ€™ll have seen lists I’ve shared for some of my top choices heading into Worlds this week. This format has me super excited because itโ€™s the first […]

Into the Lab

Pinch-Hitter PikaRom and Aerodactyl/Welder for Worlds/DC Open (+ What Is Still My Top Pick)
Hello again readers, I’m back for the second-to-last time before we go to DC to compete in Worlds or the Open. While I am still a firm believer that Green’s ReshiZard is potentially the best choice for Day 1 and maybe Day 2 depending on Day 1’s results, I can’t justify writing about the same […]

Let the Teching Begin

On the Best Finish Limits for 2019โ€“2020 and My Current Top 3 Decks for Worlds
Hello there 6P! Weโ€™re in the final countdown for Worlds, as we are now under two weeks out from the event! Iโ€™m getting excited about it after a roller coaster of a season, which began with me forgetting to write down my Supporters at LAIC to accumulating over 1,000 CP in the span of four […]

1 Month Laterโ€ฆ

My Favorite Decklists for Worlds, Including ReshiZard, PikaRom (w/ + w/o Jirachi), Dark Box, Blacephalon, Malamar, and Lost March
Howdy SixPrizes readers! As I said in my previous article about a month ago, my goal for July was to test as many decks as possible and bring the ones I liked the most to you, as well as improve the lists presented last month. So, letโ€™s get straight to the point because todayโ€™s article […]

The DC Double

Two Worlds Powerhouses, PikaRom + ReshiZard, and How to Answer the Problem of Walls
Hey everyone, I’m glad to be writing for SixPrizes as this will be my first article on here. First, I’d like to thank Adam for giving me the opportunity to write for this wonderful site. For those that don’t know me, I play out of the Orlando, Florida area. I have been playing competitively since […]

Starting Points and Launching Pads

The Latest on ReshiZard + PikaRom and Jon’s Idea Dump for Worlds
Hey guys, Jon here again with another article. With the release of Unified Minds and TPCi announcing that Worlds will be held with the post-rotation, UPR-on format, thereโ€™s a lot of information to take in and analyze in a short amount of time. There are so many new decks and cards that need to be […]

The Chef’s Electric Stove

Unified Minds: Top 10 Impact Cards and UPR-on PikaRom v1.10
It is great to be back, this time with a post-rotation, pre-Worlds article. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and days are flying by before this year’s World Championships. I took a glorious two-week break after NAIC after my year-long grind and realized I missed playing Pokรฉmon for fun more than I thought I […]