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Well, Well, Welder

On My Ability Zard from Atlantic City and the Wacky Eeveelutions Deck You’ll All Been Asking For
Hey readers, Iโ€™m back with another article today. This week (post-Atlantic City) has been pretty hectic for me and I havenโ€™t had much time to prepare for Knoxville this upcoming weekend. Today Iโ€™ll be going over what I consider to be the “best deck in the format” (BDIF) and the deck I played at Atlantic […]

How Hot Can It Get?

My Predicted Meta for Atlantic City and the Perfect (Maybe) Ability ReshiZard
Hello again readers, I’m back with you for the last time in this month with my final words on the pre-Atlantic City/Cologne/Sรฃo Paulo format. Last week, I alluded to an Ability ReshiZard list that I believe is near optimal. I’ll be talking about that today, but first I’m going to discuss what I expect the […]

Running the Tiers

Lists, Pros, and Cons for 10 Top Decks this Weekend (Sรฃo Paulo, AC, and Cologne)
Howdy, SixPrizes readers! I’m back to bring you an overview of the current UPRโ€“HIF metagame because I think the format has stabilized and we can identify what the best decks are. After Worlds, we saw that Welder-based decks, such as Mew Box, Blacephalon-GX, and Ability ReshiZard, were powerful and they have continued to do well […]

Getting Warmer

JoseZard (1-Prizer Edition) and Mew Box (Post-Hidden Fates) for Atlantic City + Kรถln
Hola 6P readers! I’m back again with another article and today I’ll be discussing updated lists for JoseZard and Mew Box. We saw the results from the Melbourne SPE and Sheffield Regionals recently which gave us more info on how decks should look moving forward. Usually, after a major event, decks tend to get tweaked. […]

Fairy Fairly Good

Sheffield’s Results, On Robin’s T8 Ability ReshiZard, GardEon Guesses, and My Mew Box List for Atlantic City/Kรถln
Hello 6P! Welcome back to another article! Sheffield Regionals just took place this past weekend and we had some very cool, albeit not surprising, results. If you recall from my last article, I put out a tier list which I firmly believe is correct. Now, letโ€™s take a look at the Top 8 players and […]

Red Hot/Chill Snowflakes

My Top Pick (ReshiZard Minus Scoop Ups) and Crazy Rogue (Cryogonal Control) for Sheffield
Hello again readers, today I am bringing you my top pick for Sheffield (if I was going), as well as a crazy rogue deck that has the potential to completely flip the format on its head. Hidden Fates brought only a few new cards into the game that will ever be relevant. Right now, the […]

Double Double Blaze

JoseZard (Card Choices, Matchups, Worlds Recap) and a Comparison to Tord’s Worlds Top 4 Ability ReshiZard List
Hey there 6P readers! I’m back again with a new article. The World Championships have concluded and with that, I am excited to start the new season. I’m coming off a Top 32 finish at Worlds with Ability ReshiZard. I was finally able to get past the Top 64 mark, a feat which had been […]