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No False Move

On Playing the Pokémon TCG Optimally

6 and Up

The Overt Simplification of the Pokémon TCG

Deft Decisions

In-Game Skill, Part 1: Technical and Strategic Play

What Would You Do?

Ethical Dilemmas in the Pokémon TCG

Go Big or Go Home

An Analysis of Two Opposing Playstyles
Only Farfetch’d that have survived many battles can attain this evolution. When this Pokémon’s leek withers, it will retire from combat. (Sirfetch’d)

Smart Mistakes

Trading In Conventional Wisdom for a Better Deck

There’s No ‘I’ in Pokémon

The Five Ws and One H of Successful Teams and Playtesters

Pokésophical Investigations

Dealing with Loss in a Competitive Setting
It stores poison in an internal poison sac and secretes that poison through its skin. If you touch this Pokémon, a tingling sensation follows. (Toxel)

It’s All About the Hype!

How to Benefit from the Ballyhoo
A clay slab with cursed engravings took possession of a ______. The slab is said to be absorbing the ______’s dark power. (Galarian Yamask)