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Beep Boop

A Unique Shuffle, Early-Game Resource Management, Early-Spring Tier List, Decks, and Cards

Wayback Machine

On Works Past and Updating Old Theories for New Formats

Thinking Allowed

Five Methods for Evaluating New Cards and Uncovering Opportunities at State Championships

What to Watch For

The Persistence of Time, Top Three Plays for States, and Two Rogue Counters

Popular Vote

The Less Talked About Decks of the Standard Format
If it sees any movement around it, this Pokémon charges for it straightaway, leading with its sharply pointed jaw. It’s very proud of that jaw. (Arrokuda)

Code Breaker

Thoughts and Methods for Cracking the Format

Setting Sights

7 New Year’s Pokémon Resolutions (and an Update on Engines)

Inspector Gadget

Investigating Effective Supporter Builds in the Standard and Expanded Formats

Opening Weekend

What to Expect, My Week 1 Picks, and Quick Tips for Cities Success

Risky Business

On Adopting a Winning Mentality (for Cities), a BREAKthrough Critique, and More Standard Lists
It ate a sour apple, and that induced its evolution. In its cheeks, it stores an acid capable of causing chemical burns. (Flapple)


Moving Forward with Standard, and a Guide to Coping with Format Rotations

Costume Party

Regionals Retrospective, BREAKthrough Standouts, and Early Reads on the Standard Meta

Noice Choice

The Six-Step Process for Choosing a Deck and Three Logical Plays for Worlds

Allez Cuisine!

The Importance of Competition and Primal Groudon Three Ways

Walking on Eggshells

The Rise of Exeggutor and Other Overlooked Cards
It drifted in on the flow of ocean waters from a frigid place. It keeps its head iced constantly to make sure it stays nice and cold. (Eiscue)