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Lead the Way

VA Top 8 Report, The Exemplary Player, and My Top Three Plays for States

Tech for the Few or Prep for the Many?

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Charting a Course

The Mental Map to VA Regionals

Marathon Season

How to Have Success at a Series of Cities

Welp, Time to Play Again

A Mini-Guide for Those Playing to the Tune of 300 CP
A clever combatant, this Pokémon battles using water balloons created with moisture secreted from its palms. (Drizzile)

Safeguard Yourself

Tips to Prevent Cheating in the Pokémon TCG

Doctrine of the Donphan Effect

An Examination of Current Netdecking

Stats on Starts

Hypergeometric Distribution and the Pokémon TCG

Play It Out

In-Game Skill, Part 2: Thinking Strategically

No False Move

On Playing the Pokémon TCG Optimally
Its body is covered in sweet nectar, and the skin on its back is especially yummy. Children used to have it as a snack. (Appletun)

Tunnelephant Vision

A Lesson in Avoiding Linear Thought

Deft Decisions

In-Game Skill, Part 1: Technical and Strategic Play

Hallo from Lehigh

Decks of the Expanded Format Berlin Arena Cup and Playing While in College

Getting the Green Light

On Copies of Cards and Virizion Variants for Autumn Regionals

The Name of the Game

Strategic Standards in Expanded and Standard Formats
This Pokémon is very popular as a herding dog in the Galar region. As it runs, it generates electricity from the base of its tail. (Yamper)